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house is debating a complete pullout of u.s. troops from afghanistan perhaps as soon as next year. obama administration officials tell cbs news, frustration with afghan's president karzai is contributing to the possible reversal of the plan that had been to keep a small number of american troops over there after 2014. and house speaker john boehner says he's had concerns about u.s. involvement in afghanistan for some time. however, no official decision has been made yet. >>> the countdown is on for the birth of prince william and kate's baby. okay. by some media reports, the fourth in line to the british throne is due in just four days. that would be, oh, saturday. the duchess of cambridge is in london but prince william is on duty with the royal air force about 300 miles away in wales. and he is reportedly planning to take a helicopter home just to make it to the hospital on time. first word of the baby's arrival will go to the queen. a notice will then be posted on an easel outside buckingham palace and the royals will also tweet the news on the birth. so much for-- >> a notice on an e
a top muslim cleric is warning there's an impending civil war in egypt, but the obama administration is not picking sides. they say they need more time to figure out whether to call morsi's ouster a military coup. >>> outside the london hospital where the duke and duchess' first child is due to be born there is a wait going on. it's the same hospital where both princes were born. some media reports say the due date is july 13th and others say it is july 17th. >>> this is the most anticipated lighting ceremony in d.c. since the national christmas tree. tonight 8:00 the scaffold covered washington monument will be illuminated by almost 500 lights. the monument has been shut down to visitors since the earthquake in 2011, but now it's wrapped up in a blue semi transparent fabric as all those repairs go on to the outside. the light will illuminate the monument from inside the fabric and that will make it look like it's glowing in the dark. joining us now to talk more about tonight's ceremony and the progress on the repairs is robert vogel, superintendent of the national mall and memorial
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2